Safety Mission Statement:

R.W Warner, Inc. believes that a safe and healthy work environment is an obligation to the workers, families, and clients. The prevention of occupational induced injuries or illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over productivity. We believe it is best to express safety awareness through indoctrination, safety, and health training before employees and subcontractors begin work on any project. A safe job site creates healthier and more knowledgeable workers, which helps us create the best possible final product. It is the policy of R.W. Warner, Inc., and its affiliated divisions to take all feasible and practical efforts to provide a safe and healthful place of employment for our employees. The personal safety and health of each company employee are of primary importance.


Occupational Safety Education is the backbone of the R.W Warner Inc. safety program. R.W Warner, Inc. has two full-time in-house safety training professionals that emphasize instructing, developing, inspecting, correcting, and enforcing safe work practices. The training includes but it is not limited to:


Furthermore, to continue enforcing a Safety and Health culture R.W Warner Inc, is a proud member of the Cumberland Valley Chapter Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) organization.